Direbats, Hermit Crabs, and Garden Ants ❄️

Published on Dec 25, 2020 by Team Hollow

Hey my dudes, my otters, my munchkins - welcome to the first of Team Hollow’s monthly posts! We’ve got a lot to talk about, and not much attention span to do it in, so let’s go!


We released Direbats almost a month ago now (how time flies), and we’re so pleased with the response from the community! For our first mod, we wanted to keep it simple but high-quality, and the Direbat packed a few nifty features into one mob. Of course, being our first release ever, there are a few issues (so, uhh, Direbat Fang Arrows are invisible for Fabric users…) but those are getting a patch soon, just you wait!

New Lands

New Lands is a pretty cool upcoming mod that we’ve recently adopted into our team. It’s a biome overhaul and addition mod that adds tons of new blocks, items, and mobs for each and every biome! Most importantly, though, the Hermit Crabs. They smol. They coot. They pretty cool. You can put them in bucket. Bucket Hermit Crab look aha funny.

Ready Your Shovels

Ah, Ready Your Shovels, the fabled mod. The cursed mod. Don’t worry though, it’s finally being developed! Since its last 1.14.4 inception, it’s going to have improved textures, features, reliability, and more! We’re aiming for this to be released early on in the new year (let’s say, worst case scenario, late January), for both Fabric and Forge as per our standards.

Here’s a teaser for Dayroots - a dirt-cave spawning plant that emits a shining light source, surrounded by foliage.

That just about wraps it up for this year, kind of, maybe… If you want updates on our mods as they happen, be sure to join our Discord - we’re literally constantly doing everything all the time 😑

Merry Christmas, everyone, and a happy new year
Team Hollow