Direbats v1.1.0 is released!

Published on Feb 10, 2021 by Vamacheron

Well, it seems like “soon-ish” turned into, well…a good while. I blame global warming. It’s finally here though, a new Direbats release! This update features new a brand new model and texture for the Direbats, as well as new textures for all items in the mod, courtesy of Ninni. Direbats have also received a bunch of new, original sounds made by Mr. Esuoh. Lastly, there are several bug fixes and improvements that can all be seen in the changelog.

We hope you all enjoy this update, thanks for sticking with us.

What? The blocks in the background? Bro what are you talking about lmao

You can download Direbats for Fabric and Forge


+ Direbats now burn in daylight (because they vampire)
+ Direbats can now get hostile at the player if they go near one while hanging
* Updated entity/item textures, and the Direbat's model
* Fixed Direbat hanging behaviour/position
* Modified Direbat wings position while hanging
* Increased Direbat health to 16 (was 6)
* Slowed down Direbat flap animation
* Synced Direbat movement speed to that of a walking player
Fabric-Only Fixes
* Fixed Direbat Fang Arrows not getting sent to the client (#8)

Bug Fixes

  • #6 The direbat fang arrow entity has no entity model
  • #8 Direbat-dropped items have no pickup delay